lunes, noviembre 20


Just want it.
Do not need it.

Why to insist?
I did not want it.
I might need it.

Your mind speeds up going bonkers.
My inner serenity jumps off the window.

Just want it.
Do not need it.

jueves, noviembre 16


Let me in.
One more time.
Come where the fear vanishes off;
where the mind rests carefree upon the pillow.

Let me in,
one more time.
Come where the birds celebrate life
while the sky tints in white.

Let me in,
one more time.
Come where today is the future,
and the choices are all part of the past.

Let me in,
one more time.
Come where we keep it together,
letting the time go by.

lunes, noviembre 13


I loose my patience close to midnight. I am going to be selfish for once.

I find you at your door; half naked and bare foot.

The air flows vividly through the room. The icy air stream kills me as softly as your soul kills mine.

Candles, red wine, lamps, music and harlequins.

Pure white sky, yellow trees, brown leaves.

Emptiness and sorrows.

lunes, noviembre 6


I feel the cold iron of your armor in my chest.

another sweet way of saying goodbye this time.

Sour lies and sharp shots to cool down an already icy November.

I knew some,
I once had the patience. It might as well have just been hope.

Chords in a loop in your messy head.
I snuggle your freckles whilst kissing your forearm.

I got the love, the warmth, the innocence
to free up your world's overwhelming anxiety.

viernes, noviembre 14


Miro adelante.
Con la vitalidad e inocencia, pureza de los 9.
La fuerza de los 13,
el deseo de los 20;
la madurez nostálgica de los 30;
la esperanza melancólica de lo que esta por venir.

Luz amarilla cálida, a través del agua de la tina,
de la alberca,
de la bañera en mitad de la granja abandonada.

Te Sueño diferente.
Seguro que eres como los demás.
Solo ves en mi lo que te gustaría que yo fuese.

Tras el color miel de mis ojos, hay veneno.
Despotismo e intransigencia.
Armas que crecieron en mi ajado
Riego desalmado de la frustración.

Te espero a los 9.
En Noviembre.